Will the Diet be Personlaised based on our LifeStyle and Health?

To Some Extent Yes. All Diet Plans will be Fully Customisable by you yourself. If You are a North Indian then you would be advised Aloo Paratha; If you are a South Indian, then you may prefer to have Idli, Vada, Dosa or things like that and you would be able to have that. In a NutShell, I donot prescribe prescritopm Diet(s). Whatever you cook daily for a Regular Meal would only be advised and nothing extra.

I Want to know about Fitness Classes- Yoga and Aerobics in this 90 Days' Weight Loss Challenge.

Generally the Time Table would be as below.

LIVE | OnLine | Virtyal Fitness Classes

Yog, Pranayam, Meditation

Reebok CrossFit, Reebok Aerobics-ZoomBa,

Fitness Dance, Cardio-DaanZ.

🔅 Monday to Friday

🕖 Morning Yog : 06:30 am to 08:00 am

🕖 Afternoon Yog : 11:30 am to 13:00 am

🕧 Evening Aerobics: 06:30 pm to 07:30 pm

👉 Morning and Afternoon Yog can help you in being Relaxed, Strong, Energetic, in shape with more Happiness, Peace & without Stress.

For Your Health & Wellbeing: Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional: Through the regular practice of a range of many different & very effective techniques including Posture & Movement, Breath Awareness, Breathing Exercises, Relaxation & Concentration, Self-enquiry & Meditation.

👉 Evening Batches... Exercises with Music & Dance.....

For your Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional benefits, including improved condition of Lungs & Heart, increased Muscular Strength, Endurance, Toning, Tightening, Strong Bones & above all more Weight Loss, reduce the risk of Osteoporosis, Better Coordination.


◼️ Monday:

Yog: Agni Yoga | Chakra Yoga | Kundalini Yoga | Vinyasa Yoga

For more flexibility, strengthening ,to increase will power & burn more fat.

Evening Aerobics: Reebok Aerobic-ZoomBa | Hard Rock | Piloxing

◼️ Tuesday:

Yog: Pilates | Core Strength Training

For Flat Tummy, Abs Strengthening,

Toning & Tightening, Focus on Muscle Strengthening

Evening Aerobics: Zumba | Fusion | Free Style

◼️ Wednesday:

Yog: AgniShakti Surya Namskar | Cardio Training

To increase Self-Confidence, Remove Fear,

For More Weight Loss etc.

Evening Aerobics: Fusion | Free Style | Cardio- DaanZ

◼️ Thursday

Yog: Pilates | Core Strength Training

For Flat Belly, Abs Toning & Tightening,

Core Muscle Strengthening (Lower Back, Hips, Buttocks, Abdomen)

Evening Aerobics: Reebok Aerobic-ZoomBa | Hard Rock | Piloxing

◼️ Friday:

Yog: Power yoga

Evening Aerobics: Fusion | Mix | Fitness Dance | Garba.

You have Several Classes during the day. Is is compulsory to attend all of these?

These Several Classes have been kept so that based on your Schedule you are able to attend at least 1 Yoga and the Aerobics Class. As I have been intimating, it is the Diet and Nutrition which Contributes more than 75% towards your Weight Loss and the Exercise only about 25%. The Bamboo Forest Green Tea has a definite Contribution in Weight Loss. So, You must make attempt to attend at least 1 Yog (M or AN) and the Aerobics for more effective Weight Loss.

How to manage Festivals, Fasting like Karwa Chauth etc. during this Program?

If you see the Description and Specifications of this Program, there are 6 Diet Workshop and associated Meal Plans. These Diet Workshops and Sessions have been designed to meet General as well as Specific LifeStyles and Timelines. AND your Questions and Curiosities will be covered and suitably answered during these sessions.

Will this be an OnLine Program?

Yes, this is a 100% LIVE OnLine Program. It will be operated on 'Zoom' Platform. All Diet Sessions, Workshops, WorkOuts will be LIVE and OnLine. However, Video Recordings, wherever possible, would also be made available suitably and appropriately.

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